Home Care in Edinburgh, South Glasgow and Dunbartonshire

Bright Care is a locally owned home care provider with offices in Edinburgh, Glasgow South and Bearsden in Dunbartonshire.  We operate throughout the central belt.  We specialise in keeping seniors safe and secure in their own homes for as long as possible, while maintaining their independence and dignity.  We provide peace of mind to their loved ones, by providing dependable and affordable care.

Home care, also sometimes known as “domiciliary care”, “home helps”, “care at home” or “in-home care” is a holistic solution to elder care needs.  It is an option which in many cases can completely remove or allay fears about going into residential care.  Our solution gives back choice and control to clients who like to direct their own care arrangements.  We care for you in a way that suits your individual needs and preferences not ours.

If while browsing this website you would like to discuss any of the ways we can help you, either over the phone or face to face, please do not hesitate to call us in the office.  Find out what our customers say about us by viewing our viewing our testimonials.

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Caring for you in the comfort of your own home…

We are committed to helping you age gracefully and live independently in the comfort of your own home, where you are happy and content. We help you to maintain your dignity, safety and social connections. We do this by providing a high quality carer to come into your home and work with you in providing the support and companionship that you require. In this way, your carer will not only lift your spirits and give you a “new lease of life” but they can also relieve some of the burden of care families can sometimes experience. This means that you can enjoy more relaxed and meaningful time with your family and loved ones.

How is is our home help service different?

Our home care service has three key unique elements

- Our care team work exclusively with seniors living in their own home.

- Our emphasis is on companionship and quality time through a home-visits model of two hours or more.

- We are focused toward a self-funded client and choose not to contract with local authorities.

With us, when it comes to your care, you are in complete control.

In some cases, you might already have an existing social services package in place but are looking to supplement it with some additional home help or companionship. Alternatively, you may prefer to access our extensive range of care solutions as a complete alternative to the local authority provision. Our services are purchased from us directly, however, you could still receive contributions from the local authority to cover the cost of some or all of your care. Read our Guide to Accessing Free Personal Care or visit the Paying for Care page for more on this.