Caring for the generation
that first cared for us.

I Want To Help Somebody In My Community

The Rewards of being a Care Worker

By Eliza Esposito “Caring for vulnerable people and people in need, carries a sense of fulfilment and accomplishment that only comes when you engage in helping others, and in the…

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A day in the life of a Companion Carer

By Yvonne Tough My name is Yvonne and I am a Companion Carer for Bright Care which means I visit with senior citizens in the comfort of their own homes….

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What it takes to be a Companion Carer

By Jemima Vetha Caring for elderly people is a role that requires many natural skills, skills that are not easily taught at College or at Training Courses. Empathy, patience, good listening…

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5 Simple Steps to Creating Happy Carers!

It’s not easy to become a Bright Care Companion Carer! Our selection, interview and training programmes are rigorous and aim to identify the best of the best; those people that…

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Caring for the whole person

When I started out on my journey in care I suppose I was a bit naïve, we are conditioned to think that only the physical needs are important, you know……

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Power of Attorney | What You Need to Know

Quick Search What is a Power of Attorney? Who Can Grant a Power of Attorney? What Does ‘Incapable’ Mean? What Would Happen if I Don’t Have a Power of Attorney?…

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